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Smart House & Building

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Smart Building is a term used for the control and smart of building equipment. Maybe it has been created in the minds of most people that the purpose of making the building smart is to install touch keys, remote control of equipment with mobile phones and the Internet, or some people consider it an advanced system that only Read More »Smart House & Building

Smart Mechanical room

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The smart mechanical room is a new technology with a set of sensors and operators that is built to optimize and monitor the performance of mechanical rooms. Creating a pleasant climate inside buildings in the form of an smart system without wasting energy is one of the advantages of this executive protocol.Read More »Smart Mechanical room

Smart farming

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By the advent of the Internet of Things (IOT), not only humans can communicate with smart gadgets, but also objects can communicate with each other through networking and precise programming with a common language. Internet of Things for automatic and remote control of the growing environment of crops and livestock is used.Read More »Smart farming

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Application of IOT in industry

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The Internet of Things (IOT) is one of the most widely used and common technologies in the current era and the fourth industrial revolution. While a growing number of companies are creating value using IoT applications, the technology is still in its early days. Two trends have significantly expanded the possibilities of the Internet of Things in companies Read More »Application of IOT in industry