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About Us

Sayal Sanjesh Industrial Equipment Co With the aim of providing engineering services in the field of fluid flow measurement, it started working in 2017. After gaining experience in this field due to the possession of expert engineering groups as well as the laboratory and quality control capacity located in the company, the field of activity of this company has expanded to other engineering fields including design and manufacturing of equipment, precision instruments and research and development (hardware and software) was also expanded. This company presents its engineering products to the market in accordance with the latest standards and available technologies.

  • Mission

Providing technical engineering services, research and development, precision instruments and measurements, smartization in line with superior management, manufacturing and production, sales and after-sales services based on the standards of Iran and the world, competitive with reputable foreign brands, relying on local technical knowledge

  • Value

Respecting people, nature and the environment, commitment to ethics and principles of professional work and adherence to commitments, using all facilities in line with the development and improvement of the culture of optimal consumption, creativity, initiative and innovation, emphasis on providing the best quality while maintaining safety and health and Protection of the environment, continuous improvement and technical and managerial development

  • Services

Research and development, manufacturing and production, development of superior smart management based on information (hardware and software), project implementation as a developer, project management, financing, investment, sales and after-sales services

  • Activities

1. Reverse Engineering on precision instrument

2. Smartening in construction, agriculture and natural resources industries

3.Project implementation as a developer and project manager

4. Financing and investment

5. Sales and after-sales service

6. Providing technical engineering, research and development services

7. Repair, installation and maintenance

8. Software and hardware data provision services

9. Design according to the needs of the Company